Have you ever wondered why your attempts to recreate your Asian meal favorites at home with your wok never come out quite as well as they do in a restaurant? The secret is ridiculously high heat, and not just any heat: grill heat. Restaurant wok grills generate almost 20 to 25 times more heat than a standard home range is capable of generating. Good wok cooking requires high heat energy input from start to finish.

How to Achieve Wok Hei

A perfect stir-fry features “wok hei,” the breath of the wok, which is a complex smoky flavor. This flavor is the result of a combination of oil and polymers breaking down in the skillet, along with the vaporizing of microscopic droplets of fat. The quick tossing of the food up and over the wok edge creates a hot column of air from the grill flames below. There is a perfect balance that needs to be accomplished by quickly cooking the vegetables so they retain their crisp, fresh crunch while still allowing enough time for the wok hei to develop.

No one wants to eat soggy wok-cooked vegetables that have been sitting under a heat lamp for hours. That is why Samurai Sam’s® makes wok-stirred meals to order. There’s really no need to struggle to recreate your favorite stir fries at home.

Want to be a wok expert? Find out about owning a Samurai Sam’s of your own.

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