Running a business provides an opportunity for continual growth and financial prosperity. However, with the number of failed businesses, having a successful blueprint can make all the difference. This is why I recommend franchising. With a franchise, you have a road map to follow, and you receive assistance from the business while meeting your shared goals.


Few individuals have the financial capital at their disposal to build a business from the ground up. Doing so can take an investment of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Finding a bank willing to provide this kind of financing is challenging, especially for a brand new business without a known brand. New companies are seen as a major risk for banks as many end up failing.

All of this changes when it comes to joining a franchise. When investing in a Samurai Sam’s® franchise, you instantly have credibility with financial institutions. Samurai Sam’s provided the monetary data needed to show banks potential revenue streams and the most common return on investment in similar regional demographics. Franchises are like a wing man for talking to loan officers and boosting your appeal.


With successful business plans, the devil’s in the details. When opting into a franchise, a lot of those details have already been worked through. This includes everything from selecting the right location for optimal foot and driving traffic, all the way to how to manage a store, hire employees, market in the area and do just about everything else.

These tried, tested, and true methods are based on past successes and challenges. As an owner, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel (or any number of policies and procedures you never knew you needed). Other brands and new businesses do not have this kind of roadmap. They need to experiment, test out different methods and hope they are successful before running out of capital. Even the best business owners often fail with startups simply because they were not able to work through everything correctly.

Opening a Samurai Sam’s® restaurant gave me access to a known commodity and client base. Combined with the blueprint for building a business, one that has grown and expanded into multiple locations.

With franchises, there are fewer roadblocks and more navigational signs. While other businesses can be successful, owners need to connect a large number of variables. Opening a franchise like Samurai Sam’s helps tip the scale in favor of a new franchise owner by giving them everything they need to achieve their goals. If you want to build your business on a secure foundation, call us about opening a franchise today.

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