When John Young and his three partners opened the first Samurai Sam’s® in 1994, they never imagined it would become a legendary brand with over 40 branches across the United States. Over two decades later, we’ve given entrepreneurs the opportunity to start their own businesses through our franchising program. In the last two decades, restaurant franchising has experienced a massive boom. The franchise sector produced just under $700 billion in 2007, only to work its way up to revenues of $900 billion in 2015. The last two years have been equally positive, with table service establishments showing growth of almost 6% over the last year alone.


Food service franchises are currently enjoying the benefits of consumers’ rising disposable income so the sector is expected to grow by as much as 8% in the coming year. Samurai Sam’s low initial investment ($104,200 to $430,050) and quality teriyaki menu make it one of the most accessible ways to enter the industry. The business model is sound, and concept places the brand in three separate, diverse markets: healthy eating, fast food, and Asian cuisine. Essentially, we offer diners the best of all worlds, and to franchisees, that translates into more opportunities. Samurai Sam’s focus on fresh ingredients and quick service appeals to a demographic that’s as passionate about health as it is about flavor.


Today’s consumers prefer to spend their hard-earned cash on healthier, more casual dining. Diners aren’t as prepared to accept that health should come at the expense of taste, and Asian restaurants satisfy these demands with nutritious ingredients and signature flavor. Samurai Sam’s is suitably positioned at the cusp of a growing trend, because the method of flash cooking preserves nutrients and taste.
Quick-service chains are expected to grow faster than any other restaurant franchise in 2017. Despite a sluggish third quarter in 2016, established restaurant franchises are already growing by up to 16%.


Generation Z is quickly populating and changing the market. There are currently 61 million Americans entering adulthood, and their preferences will affect how businesses cater towards their clients. Their ethnic diversity means restaurants are incorporating more and more international cuisine. Of course, franchisees are not merely buying a concept, but a business model, too. Marketing material and strategy need to appeal to the younger generations’ social media habits. Samurai Sam’s has a robust social media and digital marketing campaign to support entrepreneurs. We keep the campaign perfectly on trend, appealing to customers’ interest in the nutritional value of their food.


Franchising is one of the easiest ways to ease yourself into entrepreneurship for the first time. Samurai Sam’s® offers:

  • Five days of onsite training.
  • Ongoing support.
  • National advertising.
  • Co-op advertising.
  • Toll free telephonic and online support.
  • A grand opening.
  • Support through regular meetings and field operations.

We’ve repeatedly won the coveted first place on Entrepreneur Magazine’s top Asian food chain franchises list. We also found our way onto the best 500 franchise concepts list. The support team is invested in the growth of each new branch. As a specialist in unique restaurant concepts, our franchisor operates in several countries.

Anyone who’s spent time in the food industry knows that high-quality ingredients and signature dishes are a cornerstone of any business. Happy, well-trained staff are equally important. Samurai Sam’s® keeps its foundation strong so that our franchisees feel supported in their journey towards entrepreneurial success.

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