Fast casual dining is not necessarily a new idea. However, the popularity of this style of dining is growing as it merges the best attributes of casual dining and fast food together. Millennials in particular find fast casual dining appealing.

Fast Service for Working Professionals

While fast casual dining does offer higher quality food than traditional fast food offerings, prep and delivery time is still speedy. Customers pay at the counter before picking up the order, at which point they can dine in or take it out.

Fresh, Custom Meals

Fast casual dining franchises like Samurai Sam’s® tout custom meals that are made to order. Instead of pre-assembled meals, orders are prepped on the spot with fresh ingredients.

Affordable Quality

Millennials will be the first to tell you they’re broke, but at the same time they’re disinclined to compromise on quality. So, they choose affordable yet healthy fast casual restaurants. Fast casual dining is even suitable for a night out with friends, as it’s slightly more formal and usually more healthy than fast food, but it’s less expensive than a casual dining restaurant.

Diverse Options

The younger generation embraces global and regional flavors. Burgers and fries just don’t cut it anymore as the quintessential American meal: a reflection of our nation’s diversity and the adventurous palate it fosters.

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