Social media is a great way to give your restaurant exposure, gain fans, build relationships, and drive traffic to your Samurai Sam’s® location. And what better way to do this than with photos of your menu’s mouth-watering offerings? But you don’t need to hire a professional photographer to take great photos when you follow these tips.

Use Natural Lighting

Take advantage your restaurant’s natural light and turn off your flash. Flashes create less-than-savory reflections, and wash out delicious details. All you really need is a single lighting source coming from behind or from the side of your target. This will help minimize shadows while highlighting the texture of the food.

Choose Clean Backgrounds

Keep your shots simple. Having a busy background takes the focus off the food that you are photographing. Shoot photos of fewer ingredients on less congested plates so viewers can really see the food.

Make sure the background of your photos is neat and clean. You don’t want a smudge or misplaced bit of food to detract attention away from what should be the focus of your shot. If a display plate is dirty, this could make potential customers think twice about the cleanliness of your restaurant also.

Freshen Up

When taking photos of vegetables or salads, spritz them with a little water or oil to give them a little shine. Even though they are fresh, this little trick can enhance their appearance in photos to make them look fresher. It’s like a little natural makeup for your food.

Angle Your Shots

Change up the angles of your photos. For example, flat food will look better in a photo that was taken from above, while a drink will look better shot from a 45-degree angle.

Take Advantage of Franchising

One of the benefits of purchasing a Samurai Sam’s franchise is the support you’ll receive from Kahala BrandsTM in-house creative department and marketing team with both local and national promotions. From graphics to hashtags, we’re here to help.

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