Jobs in the restaurant industry have played an important part in helping build our nation’s economy. Approximately 8% of the entire non-farm labor force is employed by restaurants. During June 2017, 222,000 jobs were gained in the United States with 29,300 of those jobs or approximately one out of eight jobs being in the restaurant industry. These additional restaurant jobs account for 13% of all the new jobs filled in June. Over the past year, 277,000 new jobs were added thanks to the restaurant industry.

Good News and Bad News for the Industry

All this hiring shows there has been a healthy demand for workers as the industry expands. Restaurants wouldn’t be hiring additional workers if the sales weren’t there to support the need for additional workers. This growth can be attributed to an increasing population and the economy improving. As more people are working and have more disposable income to spend, they dine out more.

However, the need for more restaurant workers does have a downside. A more challenging labor environment means that wages are being driven up. It’s true that the restaurant industry is more affected by the new higher minimum wage laws in many states. But for the most part, it is the competition for labor that is largely responsible for driving up wages.

Dealing with Rising Wages

Some restaurant owners are using labor-saving technology to reduce the need for additional staff. This technology includes ordering apps for smartphones and adding ordering kiosks. While these technologies are not eliminating most current restaurant jobs, they can reduce the workload on existing employees. These savings could add up, freeing workers to focus on other tasks and possibly reducing staffing needs.

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