The wok is a frying pan like no other, and it’s part of what makes Samurai Sam’s® stand out as a healthy dining option. While frying typically refers to cooking in any shallow pan, the unique curved design of a wok makes it hold heat and reduce the likelihood of food sticking (which this writer personally hates with a passion so hot it could burn the food). Cleanup aside, wok cooking has health benefits that you might not expect.


The wok in its current form probably originated in China sometime between 500 to 2,000 years ago. Like so many inventions, the Mongols may have appropriated it from a less mobile culture during their travels. Early clay models have been found as far back as 200 BC, though modern aluminum or TeflonTM and traditional cast iron have surpassed clay as materials of choice. It’s so versatile, there are almost no types of cooking it can’t handle. In China, throughout Southeast Asia, and at Samurai Sam’s, the wok helps people eat well in both the taste sense and the healthy sense.


Many people love to cook with oil, and admittedly so do I. After all, one reason fried food usually tastes so good is because your body needs fats to keep functioning properly. It’s necessary for the absorption of certain vitamins and minerals. But of course, it is possible to get too much of a good thing. Since a wok’s curved shape makes the food less likely to stick to the surface, cooks are able to use less oil and still get great results. Samurai Sam’s embraces curves to keep your heart beating strong.


Have you ever had to shift your food around to make sure it gets equal time in the hot part of your pan as it does around the cooler edges? Woks eliminate that issue because they retain heat well, meaning chefs can get a quick, even cook without scorching the food. Preventing burnt food not only assures quality, it may contribute to lower cancer risk because burnt food introduces carcinogens to the body. Samurai Sam’s keeps overcooked food off the menu so you can enjoy fresh taste and reduce your risk.


By using a wok, Samurai Sam’s avoids burning away vitamins that are essential to keeping a healthy, balanced diet. Because woks retain heat so well, chefs can keep burners on a lower setting, saving heat-sensitive compounds like thiamine and vitamin C from a fiery demise.
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