Starting a business presents the opportunity of becoming your own boss, yet there are many potential downfalls behind a no-named company. Instead investing in a franchise starts you off with an established name and other desired benefits a no-name business lacks. At Samurai Sam’s®, we help you with the opening of an established, known and respected business with satisfied customers throughout the United States. From our support system to walking you through the steps of running an exceptional business, we are here to grow with you. Before moving forward with a risky start up or other business venture, here are five benefits of being a franchise owner, each of which we at Samurai Sam’s can assist with.


From identifying a recognized restaurant while traveling the interstate to recognizing a world famous logo or product, brand awareness stands as an extremely powerful business tool. It offers customers a familiar experience, no matter where they are. It is why people stay at the same hotels, fly with the same airlines or purchase the same vehicles. Brand awareness. A new start up does not have this kind of awareness and will start behind the eight ball as soon as they decide to open up. At Samurai Sam’s, you have the national brand that people have come to love. Consumers are now spending more money in restaurants than on groceries, so of any potential franchise opportunity, a restaurant may prove to be the most beneficial. Restaurants with quick customer turnaround helps generate more visitors within a shorter time frame, regardless of location. This makes Samurai Sam’s a valuable franchise potential. It has brand awareness, offers a familiar name yet does not have substantial competition, giving a new franchise owner the ability to corner the market and eventually expand.


Many startup businesses fail. This doesn’t always have to do with the quality of product or service provided. It often is due to a poor business model. Many start up business owners will go through multiple bankruptcies before identifying a semi-successful business venture. Most owners would tell you they wish they had known then what they know now. When investing in an established franchise, you invest in an established business model, which has been through the trials and economic problems and adjusted for the highest level of success? At Samurai Sam’s, we provide you with that. It is one of the major reasons why going with a franchise is the best way to start up a business.


Marketing is expensive. For many new businesses it is the highest expenditure connected with the business. When there is no brand recognition, manufacturing it is the only option. With a franchise like ours, you not only have the instant brand awareness but our marketing machine right along with it. It’s just one less headache you’ll need to worry about and we can help you with.


Buying in bulk is a money saver. As part of a franchise our company has deals with suppliers around the country. This helps bring prices down to a level the competition likely won’t have access to. So, you’ll be able to sell quality food at a lower cost.


Opening a new business is expensive. If you don’t have a known commodity, the bank may balk at giving you quality financing. Unless you have a wealthy relative who is willing to shell out the cash, you may struggle with a startup. However, when opting for a franchise, not only can we help you land financing but banks are more likely to back you.