Whether you are opening up a new Samurai Sam’s location or are an experienced franchisee, the right mix of promotions can help you maintain a constant flow of customers while bringing in new business. Promotions can come in a variety of ways ranging from daily, weekly, monthly to seasonal.

Common Restaurant Promotions

Implementing a restaurant promotion does not have to be expensive. In fact, many are free or almost free to do.

  • Contests. Everyone likes the opportunity to win something. A contest can be as simple as winning a gift certificate, free meal or promotional item like a t-shirt, which also gives you free advertising. If you offer free lunch to a business team, you will expose that business’s employees to your brand.
  • Entertainment. Live music one night a week can bring in customers. The type of music should fit the demographics of your customers. Local college bands looking for exposure can bring in a local crowd of students. An “open mic” night is also an inexpensive way to provide entertainment and promote community talent.
  • Food Specials. Customers welcome opportunities to save money. Many restaurants offer two-for-one specials on simple menu items that bring budget-minded customers in. By maintaining a rotating menu of inexpensive meals to keep the cost low, customers won’t get bored with the same meal each week.

Planning a Promotion

When planning a promotion, think strategically about your target market. Also, make sure that any promotions align with the values and public image of your brand.

Did you know that Kahala Brands offers support and training not only to help you get started with your Samurai Sam’s franchise, but also with marketing ideas? Kahala’s marketing team and in-house creative department work to develop local and national marketing promotions to help build traffic. Our PR team works with each brand to develop strategies that increase brand awareness.