Maintaining a healthy lifestyle often turns out to be harder than expected. Even the best intentions can be disrupted by a day full of meetings, errands, and work. Besides, while preparing meals ahead of time can help maintain a healthy diet, it can also take away from the social element of going out to lunch with coworkers, or the personal benefit of stepping out for a break. People who find themselves lacking packed lunch don’t need to abandon their diet goals. Samurai Sam’s® healthy choices can stand in when you need a quick, made to order meal.


Health is always in style, and although diet fads come and go, there are a few hard and fast rules to healthy eating. Delicious ingredients prepared before your eyes guarantee that your meal is fresh and authentic. A balance of vegetables and proteins is essential to a good diet, and Samurai Sam’s rice bowls pack a variety of nutrients into one hearty meal. Samurai Sam’s outlasts the diet fads – healthy Japanese teriyaki is great for lunch and dinner, all year round.


It can be hard to please everyone when dining out, but Samurai Sam’s wide variety of made to order dishes allows for customizable meals that offer delicious options for any palette. Their healthy Japanese cuisine suits most dietary restrictions, with nut free, vegetarian, and even gluten free options. Yakisoba bowls make a delicious lunch, while a variety of salads offer an appetizing low carb option. Even when I don’t have time to design my own meal plan at home, Samurai Sam’s nutritional information makes it easy to choose healthy options on the go.


Fast dining that offers genuinely nutritious ingredients and fresh preparation becomes more valued every day. Samurai Sam’s offers a modern kitchen on the go – you can customize your meal to create your ideal healthy diet, just like you would at home. According to the United States Healthful Food Council (USHFC), the average American adult eats out 5.8 times per week, and more than 30% of children eat fast food on a given day. Health-conscious consumers look to restaurants like Samurai Sam’s to serve fresh, nutritious meals.


Want to integrate healthy eating into every business day? Consider becoming an owner in the Samurai Sam’s team – the delicious, authentically healthy fare makes owning a teriyaki grill a great sustainable business choice. Samurai Sam’s offers continued training and support for all its business owners. Even if you’ve never owned a restaurant before, financing options and an established customer base make Samurai Sam’s an ideal choice. Plus, you can enjoy those delicious, healthy rice bowls every day. So join the team – Samurai Sam’s franchise options offer support, growth, and the opportunity to share a healthy lifestyle with everyone around you.

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