Sustainability is the new norm. Business owners and executives are starting to see just how much of a carbon footprint each storefront produces. In an attempt to turn this around and cut down on unnecessary waste while reducing emissions from manufactured building materials, these companies want to demonstrate to the public just how important going green is.

Sustainability at the Corporate Level

Kahala Brands launched a sustainability initiative in 2008. Not only is this smart for business in terms of cost savings, it demonstrates corporate responsibility: something consumers are increasingly demanding. The initiative includes:

  • Implementing energy and water-efficient equipment at all corporate headquarters,
  • Leveraging its industry position to pressure food suppliers and restaurant supply companies to adopt sustainable practices,
  • Using sustainable building materials and fixtures in new build-outs and remodels.

How Franchisees Can Go Green

For small business owners, the cost of making adjustments needs to be balanced with your profits. Franchisees have the freedom to choose how they operate within company policies, and that can include testing new ideas, partnering with community organizations and launching their own green initiatives. Meanwhile, corporate analysts approach brand-wide changes strategically to make sure franchisees are supported through any transition.

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