When you hear the phrase “fast food” you might think of burgers and fries. For 23 years, Samurai Sam’s® has built its success on an alternative definition. Its’s philosophy is to provide an experience that is fast, fresh and healthy. In this way, we’ve been ahead of industry trends since inception. More than ever, it’s a good time to open a fast food franchise that caters to health-conscious consumers.

Fast food’s reputation as an unhealthy option arises from ingredients that are selected to cut costs rather than serve quality freshness. Nutritional value has also been compromised in the fast food industry by cooking methods that meet expectations of being fast without considering the health effects. Deep-frying is a prime example of a method that adds unhealthy fats while degrading nutritional content. Even healthy menu options at popular chains have been criticized. For instance, salad is healthy, but copious amounts of creamy dressing is not.

Then there’s Japanese food. When you hear that phrase, you might think of rice, edamame, and expertly prepared sushi (high-quality, hand-selected seafood by definition). You might compare lightly battered vegetable tempura to heavily breaded fried chicken, and conclude that Japanese cuisine is too healthy to bear the name “fast food.” Au contraire: the Japanese have proven more than any other culture that fast food can be healthy, gourmet, even Michelin-rated.

Consider the rice bowl. In Japan, a quick and affordable rice bowl dish is called donburi. Restaurants serve a wide variety of donburi, but the underlying principle is to serve seafood or meat with rice and flavorful sauce. Chefs might feature vegetables or chicken, too. All of it goes in a bowl. Sound familiar? Because of regional and creative variations on the donburi theme, ingredients and preparation methods range from health-conscious to decadent. At Samurai Sam’s, we stick with health-conscious rice bowls as a rule. The combination of steamed rice, wok-stirred vegetables and grilled protein results in a healthy, balanced dish.

At Samurai Sam’s, we believe that healthy food should be affordable and accessible to diners from all walks of life. That’s why we choose fresh, high-quality ingredients and use cooking methods that retain nutrients without adding unnecessary fat content. Guests at Samurai Sam’s can expect quick turnaround on custom orders that don’t break the bank or the diet. Franchise owners and employees can take pride in offering healthy Japanese fare at a modern pace.

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