Employees are the face of any business, so maintaining quality, happy employees is important. Individuals who are not motivated may produce inferior results, which in turn can cost any company business. One error made by many first time business owners is they do not understand how to properly interact with their employees and provide a desirable work environment to keep their employees as long as possible. Constantly bringing in new employees to do the work of those departed is time consuming, costly, and reduces productivity. It is far easier to maintain the current staff that you have than to have a revolving door of work for not only retaining employees but to improve productivity level via worker happiness. Satisfied, happy employees are those who put forward their best work for the company.


One of the biggest reasons why employees leave is because they never received proper training. Nobody wants to show up to a job they struggle at. Whether it is the register or how to perform a certain task, you need to make sure every one of your workers receives quality training. This way, they are fully comfortable with their work and have confidence in what they do. By doing so, you lower their level of stress while on the job.


Treat your employees like individuals. Each person is unique and you need to treat them as unique people. Maintaining a healthy, professional relationship helps lead to a healthy work environment. This helps your employee feel more comfortable approaching you and talking with you. If they are afraid to ask you something in fear of your response, it usually has more to do with how you carry yourself than the employee.


A strong lunch rush or holiday season can leave employees exhausted. Should you go through a major rush, or if your employee goes above and beyond such as staying after their shift to help or put in extra hours to maintain the quality of service you and your customers expect, offering up a small token of appreciation can go a long way. By rewarding them it shows you appreciate their work. Everyone wants to feel appreciated for what they do.


Plan group outings. This does a few different things. First, it is a way to bring everyone closer together. When employees are closer with one another, they are less likely to let the other down. Second, it is a way to give back to your great employees. Whether it is an evening movie night for everyone, a trip to a ball game or anything else, group outings are excellent employee rewards.