Samurai Sam’s® fits the bill of a fast casual Asian dining experience: meals are made fresh to order, menu items are customizable and ingredients are both healthy and Asian-inspired. If you’re thinking of opening a restaurant franchise, consider the Asian food niche, which according to Technomic® representative Darren Tristano is “underrepresented and underdeveloped.”

Due to the success of pan-Asian chains like Panda Express® and Benihana®, entrepreneurs have been increasingly willing to enter the Asian fast casual market. There are a variety of entry points, each with pros and cons. The pan-Asian, Americanized fare carries unique flavors and healthy options while appealing to a wide range of consumers. On the other hand, specialized regional fare promotes authenticity and appeals to adventurous tastes: think Korean barbeque or Mongolian grilling, for example. Meanwhile, in San Francisco, Sushirrito® experiments with a hybrid of Asian and Tex-Mex which it calls a “sushi burrito.”

In any case, the forecast looks good for those willing to take a chance on Asian fast casual restaurants. You’ll have to create a free account and log in to read the full article on Nation’s Restaurant News, where you can find articles about consumer trends, marketing strategies, franchise news and much more.

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