Customers love hitting the sauce — Samurai Sam’s® teriyaki sauce, that is. The mouthwatering sauce generates rave reviews and repeat visits. We can’t tell you how we make it, but we can share the love for our most famous flavor with these fun facts about teriyaki.

    • The brand’s full name is Samurai Sam’s Teriyaki Grill, in Japanese, teri means glaze and yaki means to grill. So, grab a bite to eat at Samurai Sam’s Glaze-Grill Grill! What can we say? We like the grill.
    • Teriyaki sauce originated in America’s delicious melting pot. Kikkoman® introduced the first version to America in 1961, and since then many companies have devised their own recipes.
    • If the name Kikkoman sounds familiar, perhaps you’ve seen it on bottles of soy sauce in restaurants. It’s no coincidence that soy sauce is the main ingredient in teriyaki sauce. The whole idea for making teriyaki sauce originated from the popularity of barbeque grilling: soy sauce producers wanted to make a spinoff that would be extra-delicious on grilled food.
    • Soy sauce has been a staple of the Japanese diet since the 16th century. It tasted great with meat, fish, vegetables, and rice then, and it tastes great now.
    • Mirin, sake, and ginger are among the other ingredients that make a great teriyaki flavor.
    • Japanese recipes tend to be saltier than American brands, This helps season the rice.
    • Compared to other dressings and marinades, teriyaki sauce is low on calories and high on flavor.
    • Samurai Sam’s sauce contains iron, magnesium, and phosphorus: essential minerals for your blood, kidneys, and energy levels.
    • Garlic and red pepper add spicy variety to the Hot and Spicy Teriyaki Glaze.
    • Pineapple juice is sometimes used to sweeten teriyaki sauce. Samurai Sam’s uses pineapple juice in the Sweet and Sour Sauce.

By adding a low-calorie, delicious sauce to healthy, balanced ingredients, we keep the menu diet-friendly without compromising taste. You can try any of the sauces with a rice or yakisoba bowl, but there’s a reason teriyaki’s in our name. Perfectly glazed wok-stirred meals are our specialty. Tell us what you think about our teriyaki sauce on our brand feedback page.

If you love the sauce so much you think you could sell it full-time, consider opening a franchise. We offer full franchise support so that your business can be as successful as our sauce!

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