Samurai Sam’s is a terrific place to eat and to own as a franchisee for a number of reasons, including delicious, freshly prepared meal options, generous portions and a commitment to health-conscious eating. Samurai Sam’s perfectly matches the needs of today’s busy, health-conscious consumer.


Although Japanese-inspired food appeals to the health-conscious as a rule, Samurai Sam’s exceeds expectations by offering top-quality ingredients and selections that fit your healthful lifestyle.


  1. Diet options: Low calorie, vegetarian, gluten-free, protein-rich… Whatever your nutritional needs, Samurai Sam’s offers options. The dishes are made to order, as soon as you order, so you can personally customize any of the menu items.
  2. Grilled egg rolls and grilled meat: We choose grilling over frying for tasty treats that are guilt-free. We feel grilling offers the best taste and health benefits.
  3. Wok-seared vegetables and potstickers: This cooking method produces crisp veggies with healthy vitamin content preserved. Using a wok also means using less oil, making for healthier potstickers and veggies. That’s why at Samurai Sam’s, we wok the healthy path®.
  4. Protein your way: Try some lean steak; from carefully sourced suppliers to help build up muscle. Try dark chicken for nutritional benefits, or white for lower calories. Salmon and shrimp deliver omega-3s and densely packed protein.
  5. Nice rice: We limit frying by offering steamed white or brown rice. Additional fiber makes brown rice a winner.
  6. Wheat tortillas: Wheat flour makes our tortillas healthier than white flour tortillas. Turn any bowl into a wrap at your request.
  7. Edamame: The epitome of a fresh, tasty, healthy snack or appetizer before your meal.
    Crisp salads: Fresh-made to add as a side dish or enjoy as a light meal.
  8. Kid-size bowls: Kids are served appropriately sized portions.
  9. Transparent information: Check the website for a complete nutritional breakdown of each menu item. Avoid allergy triggers easily by viewing the online chart for each item served. Samurai Sam’s also publicizes detailed ingredient lists to keep honest. The menu items appear on the healthy dining finder, which gives a quick snapshot of the health stats for the most nutritious dishes.
  10. Variety: Nothing sabotages a diet like becoming bored with your food choices. Samurai Sam’s menu options include savory yakisoba meals, yummy rice bowls, fresh salads and convenient wraps. You can customize your order with veggies, shrimp, salmon, dark or light chicken or steak.


Why is Samurai Sam’s® such a smart franchise opportunity? The restaurants make it simple to get a great lunch or dinner that supports your health and delights your tastebuds at the same time. Also offer an unbeatable combination: budget-friendly food and quick, friendly service–this is just what today’s diners want.
Opening a Samurai Sam’s franchise is a great opportunity in today’s huge health-conscious, time-crunched market.

We’ve been in business for more than 23 years and now the brand is poised to soar!

We hope to see you and your family, or your group of co-workers, at one of our locations soon. How about lunch today at Samurai Sam’s?

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