Investing in a franchise can be a great opportunity, especially an established and growing franchise like Samurai Sam’s® . However, before deciding to buy a franchise, make sure that you know the following ten things.

  1. Product or Service Demand – Find out if there is a strong consumer demand for the franchise’s product or service.
  2. Business Track Record – Look into the franchisor’s track record. How many franchises have grown since opening?
  3. Plans for Expansion – Ask about the franchisor’s plans for growing the franchise. Find out if you will have exclusive rights to the products and services of the franchise in the area where you will set up shop.
  4. Legal Agreement – Review the proposed legal agreement with an independent lawyer.
  5. Franchisor’s Finances – Find out if the franchisor is financially stable. You don’t want to invest in a franchise if the franchisor or their management are filing for bankruptcy.
  6. 6. Franchisor’s Financial Interests – Find out if the franchisor can provide financing or if they own the land or building.
  7. Franchise Fees – Look into how much the franchise fee is and what it covers.
  8. Franchisor’s Market Capabilities – Find out whether you will have access to marketing information regarding your industry and specific business. Ask whether you will receive ongoing support and assistance and how they will provide it.
  9. Franchisee Criteria – Ask the franchisor who they are looking for in their franchisees. Do they require special training or education to be or become a franchisee?
  10. Costs – Ask about the total costs of your inventory, equipment, promotion, products and more.
    Keep these ten things in mind to make a good franchise investment. For questions about our franchise opportunities, be sure to contact Samurai Sam’s for more information.

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